Understanding the Financial Markets

Detailed Course Agenda

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Botswana Agenda Botswana Agenda

Brief Course Overview

Learn all about the money, investing and the financial markets. This course assumes that you know nothing about the financial markets and covers the fundamentals of the markets and jargon in plain English. Examples are used that relate to your own life and video is included to reinforce many of the concepts. Please note that the agenda for Botswana incorporates the Botswana Financial markets.

The core foundation of the course is to ensure that delegates understand all of the jargon that is used in the financial markets. For delegates who have already attended a course on the financial markets, this course will help them bridge between the academic world and reality. The presenter, will share market experiences (including the concept of the jargon of trading) and will provide easy examples of how many of the financial products relate to your own life.

The Topics covered include:

  • Setting up a business.
  • On Exchange Markets vs OTC.
  • The spot convention.
  • Book building and road-shows.
  • Understanding shares.
  • Money Markets, Bonds, Coupons, principal, ratings and Repos.
  • Trading and all the trading jargon e.g. yours, mine, long, short, choice price etc .
  • Fund management, indices, hedge funds, passive & active management.
  • Unit trusts;
  • Retirement funds and what happens when you retire.
  • Retirement annuities.
  • Analysis in the markets.
  • Fundamentals, Technicals and Quants.
  • Speculation and trading rules.
  • Forex and the international currency markets.
  • An introduction to Derivatives.
  • Forwards, futures and options.
  • Settlement and payment Systems
  • Front office, midlle office and back office
  • Private equity and merchant banking.
  • The Reserve Bank.
  • Insurance and policies.
  • Getting ahead in the markets and personal investing.

Please refer to the pdf agenda attached for more info. You are welcome to customise the agenda for on-site training.

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