Risk Management for Non Risk Managers

AGENDA: Risk Management for Non-Risk Managers - Banks.pdf

AGENDA: Risk Management for Non-Risk Managers - Fund Managers & Funds.pdf

Brief Course Overview
Risk Management has become a central theme for Financial Institutions. It is therefore paramount that staff understand the essentials of Risk Management as is has a material impact on the business of Financial Institutions. Unfortunately, many textbooks explain the concepts of Risk management using complex formulas and jargon. This course is orientated for all those people who need to understand the concepts of Risk Management in plain English without any complex Math.

The intention of the course is to ensure that Delegates walk out of the course with a broad overview and understand of the topic of Risk management as it applies to Financial Institutions.

Since the application of some of the risk management techniques differs between Banks and Fund Managers, this course has been split into two separate courses focusing on each target market. The "Risk Management for Non-Risk Managers" for Banking is span over 2 days and incorporates Basel, whereas the Fund management version of the course is span over 3 days and incorporates much of the banking material however it also includes relative risk, Alpha, Beta, tracking Error and Fund Manager Regulations and Risk Budgeting etc.

Please refer to the pdf agenda attached for more info. You are welcome to customise the agenda for on-site training.

Price: R4750* + vat for the 2 day course and R7500* + vat for the 3 day course.

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