Comprehensive Intro to Money Markets and Bonds

Detailed Course Agenda

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Brief Course Overview

The Bond market and Money Market is relatively unknown, yet many people have a significant exposure to these interest rate instruments through their retirement funds! This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn about the Bond Market and Money Market in extensive detail. The course covers the fundamental aspects of bonds from both a local and international perspective.

The course starts by explaining where the bond market fits into the big picture of the financial markets and then moves on to explain the jargon you need to understand how the bond market works. We discuss the details of bonds from:

  • NCDs, JIBAR, LIBOR, Bills and Promissory Notes.
  • Discount versus Yield.
  • The time value of money fundamentals.
  • Coupons, principal & yield to maturity.
  • Credit spreads, Real yields, inflation and ratings.
  • Covenants, the indenture, call and put provisions.
  • Pricing discount instruments versus yield traded instruments.
  • Bond pricing including the “All in price”, Clean Price and accrued interest as well as being able to balance back to the JSE bond prices.
  • Some implications of the bond Pricing formula.
  • Different types of bonds including Vanilla, FRNs, inflation linkers.
  • Securitisation, Retail Bonds, Corporate bonds, STRIPS.
  • The Global debt Crisis.
  • Yield curves including the Par curve, the zero curve and forward curve.
  • Rolling down the curve.
  • Repos, GC, special, Buy Sellbacks.
  • Duration & convexity.
  • Delta and Rand Per Basis Point.
  • Trading in bonds and all the trading jargon.

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