Intermediate Interest Rate Derivatives

Detailed Course Agenda

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Brief Course Overview

The interest rate derivatives market dominates the overall trade in the derivatives markets globally, yet very little is written about this market in comparison to that of equity derivatives. This course intends to change that.

The interest rate derivative market is dominated by professionals. The focus of this course is to provide details of how these interest-rate derivatives work and go as far as to going to the valuation of these products at the intermediate level. We discuss the details of interest-rate derivatives from:

  • Brief recap of the jargon of interest rate market.
  • An overview of curves.
  • Trading spreads and the jargon of spreads.
  • Interest rate Forwards.
  • The cost of carry and Repo’s;
  • STIR’s and bond futures;
  • Interest rate SWAPS and FRA’s.
  • OIS and some exotic SWAPS.
  • Interest rate options.
  • Options on futures.
  • Option pricing.
  • Option Strategies.
  • Collar’s, Cap’s and Floor’s.
  • The Greeks.
  • Interest Rate Synthetics.
  • ISDA.
  • Securitisation.
  • Credit Derivatives.

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