Excel VBA: From Zero to Hero

Brief Course Overview

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In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Excel VBA - from zero to hero. What makes this course different is that the applications that delegates will produce, relate directly to typical business requirements.

Delegates will learn to automate work flow, manage large amounts of raw data and create dynamic reports using Excel VBA. This course is very "hands on", so much so that you will be required to bring your own laptop and will be writing "code" within the first hour of the course.

Since the focus of the course is to learn Excel VBA, delegates will develop applications that relate to every South African business. All applications will be included on a disk and the presenter will go through the examples in detail.

It is now the norm for corporate employees who work regularly with spreadsheets to be able to use Excel VBA. In fact, it is often a requirement!

Please note that we assume you know “nothing” about programming. The presenter will go into details about programming jargon in plain English and provide some “best practice methods” for developing code. By the end of the course, delegates will be proficient at programming and will have an excellent platform to learn other programming languages.

Delegates will learn by “doing” and there are many small and practical exercises that delegates will complete. As part of the course, all delegates will receive a textbook as course notes by John Walkenbach. Furthermore, Mark will include his own disk of applications as well as some additional course notes and slides covering all the aspects of VBA in plain English.

Please refer to the pdf agenda attached for more info. You are welcome to customise the agenda for on-site training.

Price: R7500 + vat per person

*Please contact us for a firm price as we offer discounts for regular clients, long term contracts and large delegations. All prices below refer to on-site / in-house training (i.e. at your premises) in the major cities in South Africa. The minimum number of delegates is 8. This price is valid up to 2020/11/23.

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