Equity Portfolio Management

Detailed Course Agenda

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Brief Course Overview

Equity Portfolio Management is a multi-billion Dollar industry and has a major impact on the financial markets. The focus of the course is to give delegates a detailed insight into the equity portfolio management and cut through all the jargon at the intermediate to advanced level.

The course starts by looking at Investment management in general and covers all the key aspects of portfolio management! We discuss the details of funds including:

  • Types of funds including CIS and institutional funds.
  • Structure of the fund including:
    • The administrator.
    • The investment manager.
    • The trustee and the role of the trustee.
    • The mandate etc.
  • Passive versus Active strategies.
  • Local & Global Indices and how they work.
  • Tracking the index.
  • Equity style management.
  • Alpha, BETA and Factors.
  • Understanding and calculating return.
  • Understanding and calculating risk.
  • Variance and volatility (standard deviation).
  • Correlations & covariance.
  • Traditional Equity portfolio management.
  • Factor models and spreads.
  • Behavioural Finance and its impact on portfolio management.
  • Tracking error and Information ratio etc.
  • The Fundamental law of active management.
  • Explanation of performance contribution versus performance attribution.

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